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To provide value based high quality education to the student. To rule in the field of higher education with effective placements to meet the demand of changing time.
To impart and train the students both theoretically and pratically on the latest devlopments in their full potential in academic,cultural and sporting pursuits. To engage in collaborative planning on implementing transformative process.
It enhances efficiency to meet the need of students regarding placements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality of education at affordable charges to the students. To transform students personality to cope up with corporate. To upgrade the methods of teaching & learning.

From The Management Desk

Dear prospective students, choudhary Private ITI to provide a base for higher education. It has been a pleasure to see the college grow in six years into a vibrant institution with active and enthusiastic students, Learning is a process that is shared by students and teachers & all the members of the choudhary Private ITI family. We believe that education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform. All reforms, which rest simply upon the low, or the threat of certain penalties, or upon changes in mechanical or outward arrangements, are transitory and futile. But though education, society can formulate its own purposes, can organize its own means and resources, and thus shape itself with definiteness and move economy in the right direction. Education, thus conceived, marks the most perfect and intimate union of science

and art, conceivable in human experience. Analytical and practical methodology of teaching is our primary objective, something that is supported strongly by our team of dedicated and qualified faculty members. The same faculty grows with choudhary Private ITI as they undergo capacity building programs in order to be academically rigorous and relevant to the real world. Our students get exposure toward understanding real world working styles and how they fit into the global podium. The education at choudhary Private ITI is designed to prepare you for the challenges you will face as rising in competitive environment.

“जिस शिक्षा से हम अपना जीवन निर्माण कर सकें , मनुष्य बन सकें,
चरित्र गठन कर सकें, वही वास्तव में शिक्षा कहलाने योग्य है|”

Raghuveer Singh Tarar

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