• The Library has separate reference section/Journal section and a Reading room.
  • It has a seating capacity of more than 65 pupils which can be easily accommodated in the reading room.
  • The Reading Room is well ventilated and equipped with proper lightning conditions.
  • Assistance in the library is provided by the library staff available round the clock

Books And Journals/Periodicals And Encyclopedia


  • The Library has more than 3000 books which are all readily available in good conditions for students.
  • The books are well maintained and taken care of by the library staff.
  • Latest books can also be ordered to be added in the library book stock.
  • The library also has subscription to more than 10 journals/periodicals as well.
  • The library has 3 biggest encyclopedias available as well.



S.No. Desc. Value
1 Total number of titles 1200
2 Total number of Books 3001
3 Total number of educational journals being subscribed 10
4 Total number of referred research journals being subscribed 01
5 Total number of international research journals being subscribed 05
6 Number of titles of encyclopedia available in the library 10
7 Total seating capacity in the library 65
8 Photocopy Machine 01
9 Computer 02